400°C is serving sizzling Indian dishes at Castle Square

There’s a new Indian in town and they like it hot. 400°C opened in Castle Square a couple of months ago with the goal of offering something new to the Steel City.

Inspired by the heat of the tandoor, 400°C have been winning over those who’ve already visited, whether that’s for a quick, freshly prepared lunch or a big curry night as they are suitable for all (not only is there plenty of veggie options, they have a vegan menu too!).

400°C food

What’s the secret? 400°C is more than just a name, research has shown that it’s the perfect temperature for the tandoor which they use to make the majority of their dishes.

They like to keep their dishes authentic but with a twist whilst elevating plates for the restaurant, using the finest ingredients available. 400°C is all about efficiency, they let their flavours shine by keeping dishes light and minimising the use of oil so you won’t feel greasy afterwards. 

The restaurant is already becoming a hit since opening on thc 26th May, they are already ranking 11 on TripAdvisor, 

Along with familiar appetisers and main courses there’s plenty of new things to try that you want find elsewhere in Sheffield, including chef specials as well as their unique desserts.

Check out the menu.

Book a table here. Having a night in? 400°C are on CityGrab too!

Oh, it’s bring your own booze too!

400°C plate


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