Abbeydale Brewery 25

Abbeydale Brewery celebrate 25 years of beer!

First of all, a huge congratulations to Abbeydale Brewery who will be celebrating their 25th year of brewing this year!

Any business who survives 25 years in any industry are doing something right, the beer industry is a particularly challenging one and Abbeydale Brewery have rode many waves to become one the most influential breweries, not just in Sheffield but in the UK and beyond as they constantly evolve!

Abbeydale beers

Sheffield’s beer heritage is almost as strong as steel, music & football however, the present (well, pre-COVID) is just as important as the past. 

The city is one of the biggest brewers in Europe, we might have lost iconic names such as Wards and Stones but we’ve got plenty of exciting breweries from home brewers and micro breweries to more established names (and everything in between) producing diverse and top quality beer. Two of Sheffield’s most influential breweries are Kelham Island Brewery, the oldest brewery still going (launching in 1990) and Abbeydale Brewery, both continue to remain relevant.

Beer was very different when Abbeydale Brewery first started out than it is today however Moonshine, the beer that kick-started it for them is a multi-award winning pale ale that accounts for 50% of sales.


Moonshine is a classic traditional beer, a ‘real ale’ but Abbeydale Brewery have moved with times. As ‘craft beer’ has developed to create exciting new tastes and trends Abbeydale have been there, whether that is their innovative Funk Dungeon range of experimental small-batched beers or the Brewers Emporium where they’ve mastered and refined modern styles.

To put it simply, you can’t go wrong with an Abbeydale Brewery, which is why they are still here and still growing.

COVID-19 has had a huge impact on breweries who lost 90% of trade over night when the first lockdown was enforced in March 2020 and the trade never recovered when restrictions eased during 2020. The future is still uncertain for many but Abbeydale proved to be once again innovative as they quickly converted to selling directly to the drinkers as they upscaled the amount of beers they canned (including Moonshine for the very time) and focused on deliveries so that their drinkers could enjoy their favourite beers in the safety of their own home whilst in lockdown.

Who knows when we’ll be able to fully enjoy a freshly poured pint in a pub environment again but the brewery aren’t going to let the pandemic spoil their birthday plans. 

Head over to their blog post to read about a few plans they’ve started teasing to celebrate the achievement which includes the return of some old favourites (Brimstone & Last Rites).

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