Abbeydale Brewery's Moonshine in a can

Abbeydale Brewery's Moonshine in a can

Abbeydale Brewery threw an absolute curveball when they posted that their iconic Moonshine will be available in cans on 1st April. A controversial move? Yep! April Fool? No!

Moonshine is a traditional cask beer and people don’t like change but with pubs on lockdown, it has been missed by many. Don’t worry, the recipe is exactly the same!

The award winning beer takes credit for 50% of Abbeydale Brewery’s sales and it has been crowned the most likely to be found on cask in pubs in Sheffield.

Why now? Lockdown. Abbeydale Brewery have been canning their beers for a few years (with great success), they have always wanted to can Moonshine, lockdown has forced them to get on with it!

On 20th March 2020 Abbeydale Brewery lost 95% of their business when pubs were told to close, forcing them to change their business model overnight into an online off-licence, selling directly to the public (with staff dropping off mini-kegs and cans to customers in Sheffield). They’ve had to limit the amount of times they brew a week and recently installed a canning machine, leading to Moonshine becoming the latest addition to their can collection.

Lockdown has had a huge impact and everybody, personally and professionally, those who’ve adapted quickly (like Abbeydale Brewery) have not only helped their staff (of 20) and many customers, they’ve also gained an additional way to increase sales post-lockdown. 

Moonshine will be available in cans from 12th May with pre-orders available on their online store from Monday 4th May.

Lockdown has had a devastating impact on pubs, who were already struggling. To help, the brewery are asking members of the public who spend £40+ from Abbeydale’s online store to nominate a pub to receive a credit on a future order when they do reopen.

Stay up to date during lockdown with our Coronavirus Directory.

Need to stock up on your stash? Free delivery from Abbeydale Brewery in Sheffield on orders over £25.


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