Atkinsons of Sheffield plead for positivity ahead of reopening

Atkinsons of Sheffield is a steel city institute. The family-owned business has been trading in Sheffield for almost 150 years which has had its ups-and-downs (in the 1930’s they had an in store zoo!). The iconic 2-story department store has been located at its current location since 1960 after its previous building was completely destroyed in World War 2.

The Moor wouldn’t feel the same without Atkinsons which sells everything from homeware to clothing, like every business, they have found the past twelve months a challenge but they are looking at the positives.

Nicholas Atkinson took to Facebook to ask for support to get the high streets thriving again.

“Unfortunately, we are still being told that the High Street is dying, and things will only get worse before they get better. As if we have not enough to contend with, without further negativity. What we need is some upbeat messages, and less of dragging down of City Centres, especially when so many people’s jobs depend on it.

Shopping and meeting people, is part of our way of living, enjoying life, socialising, mixing and being happy. I am sure customers will vote with their feet after being locked up for so long.

This last year of the pandemic, has been very serious for us all. When you consider, Atkinsons has been forced to closed for nearly 7 of the last 12 months. Three of those months were in, or around our Christmas/Sale periods, our busiest times of the year.

We have all heard about the demise of some well-known High-Street names and the huge losses of others. Very fortunately, Atkinsons does not come into that category, through careful management, great support from our colleagues, and a bit of luck.

However, I cannot stress enough, that it is absolutely essential, that if Atkinsons is to survive in the future, we need your ongoing support. I know many of you will give us that, but we need your family and friends support too, if Sheffield is to retain its city centre family-run and independent department store.”

You know what do, shop local, support independents.

Atkinsons of Sheffield reopens on Monday 12th April. Check out when your favourite independents are planning to reopen here.


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