Batch Tea Co book

Batch Tea Co. are writing a book to show how tea is more just a drink

Sheffield’s independent tea makers and lovers Batch Tea Co. want to showcase how flexible tea can be but they need your help. The artisans have teamed up with a load of indies (including some Sheffield faves, Abbeydale Brewery, Joro, Yee Kwan Ice Cream…) to bring tea to life in ways you wouldn’t expect (we’re talking fine dining, beer, cocktails and so much more).

Batch Tea Co. are tea enthusiasts, they love the stuff. It’s the second most drank drink in the world (after water) but they didn’t feel like supermarkets in the UK represent it like that, so they grew their own tea leafs and started making their own ‘home brews’, literally.

Fast forward to the book. The book isn’t about Batch Tea Co, or their products, it’s about tea, it’s about using it in new and exciting ways without it being complicated or inaccessible. They are working with Sheffield’s Meze Publishing to create the book, however they’ve launched a crowd-funder to turn this amazing idea into an actual book. Their target is £7000 (they are already nearly 25% there with 39 days to go!) to cover costs from photography and design to printing.

Don’t worry, they aren’t just asking for your money (they’ll happily take it), any donation over £20 gets a reward, from a signed copy of the book to merch, tea parties at The Old House, tours of Abbeydale Brewery and more…

Get involved here. Let’s make this happen!

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