Bullion speakeasy Cutlery Works - Coming Soon

There’s a hidden chocolate bar coming to Kelham…

Sheffield craft chocolatiers Bullion have been making bean-to-bar chocolate since 2016. Starting out as a hobby at home, founder Max quickly got the knack of it and it didn’t take long until his chocolate was winning awards. 

Since then Bullion have gone from strength-to-strength, from selling in Harvey Nichols to featuring in Vogue, collabs with Guy Ritchie’s brewery, Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery and a special Royal Mint collection, however their very own chocolate factory might be their biggest flex to date.

For the past 3 years Bullion have been turning their well sourced beans into luxury bars of chocolate at their home in Cutlery Works, a space next door to the cafe where they sell hot drinks, cocktails and sweet treats, with a dash of Bullion throughout. 

The space has allowed Max to grow his team and fulfil his ambitious ideas but over the last couple of months the chocolate factory has moved up the road, into a huge space, giving them the opportunity to expand. As well as make more chocolate, the new Bullion Chocolate Factory also does tours so you can see how it’s made and sample different styles.

If we’ve learnt anything from Max, we know that he loves to make use of every opportunity and give it a ‘Bullion twist’, which is what he is planning to do with the now vacant space next to the Cutlery Works cafe. The plan is to create a speakeasy-style cocktail bar with chocolate pairings as well as tasting events and masterclasses for up to 40 people.

If it’s like anything Bullion have ever done in the past, we know this is going to be special…

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