Yellow Arch

Coffee shop coming to Yellow Arch (and so much more…)

If you’ve met Andy and Ali from Yellow Arch, you’ll know a catch-up about a coffee shop will turn into something much more interesting. 

Lockdown gave the couple, who’ve had Yellow Arch for 25 years time to breathe, not something they knew they needed at the time. After the slight panic of ‘what next?’ as they could no longer host club nights, gigs or offer rehearsal space they reassessed what parts of the day got them out of bed in the morning and focussed on that (mostly antiques). 

They took over the space in their 30’s, when Kelham wasn’t somewhere you’d choose to go as they needed somewhere for band practice. Initially, they converted 3 rooms and over the years the former warehouse has been given a makeover in their unique style. The 90’s all-nighter parties are as legendary as the songs that the Arctic Monkeys (and many other great bands) wrote and rehearsed here.

Bar at Yellow Arch

For the past 6 years Yellow Arch have become a fully licensed venue, constantly hosting gigs, raves and club nights. Without realising it all got a bit repetitive, lockdown gave them the opportunity to stop and change, which could be daunting but Andy and Ali certainly embraced it. Every part of the Yellow Arch complex has changed, for the better, if you loved the old days, you’ll still find it here but it has blossomed into more homes!

The practice rooms upstairs have become recording studios whilst creatives occupy office space. Downstairs is still waiting for the 19th July to fully hit the ‘let’s go’ button but The Bar at Yellow Arch is now a great place to have a pint or two (open Thurs – Sun) with a great selection of lager, craft beer, wine and spirits, there’s plenty of indoor and outdoor space available. Once restrictions are eased they’ll have plenty of gigs on as well as a regular Comedy Club, late-nighters and a more diverse line-up than ever before!

Coffee Shop at Yellow Arch

On to The Coffee Shop, the latest development situated at the entrance of The Warehouse. As you can see from the photo, it’s very much a ‘work in progress’ but these guys don’t mess about, they hope to be open in a few weeks! All of the material has been sourced locally, as will the coffee and they plan to open daily so you can pop in for a cuppa if you’re passing by, they might even let you look around The Warehouse.

Andy and Ali call Yellow Arch their home and it basically is, they are here 6 days a week and The Warehouse is what got them through lockdown. It’s their passion project and they’ve really gone to town with it, converting the biggest space in the complex into an antiques emporium. They spent lockdown sourcing gems that they want to keep for themselves.

The Warehouse is open every Saturday & Sunday (10:30am – 4:30pm), you won’t leave empty-handed as they stock anything & everything with a back story and it’s all on show, you won’t need to rummage through piles of rubbish to find find something special.

The Warehouse at Yellow Arch

Whilst Andy has been working away with The Warehouse, Ali has returned to her singing lessons and therapy classes, where she’s at her happiest. They’ve built a new and enthusiastic team to look after the bar and events (check out what’s already booked in here). 

There’s plenty of life left in this building that was built the 1800’s and a sense of newness shines through. Lockdown seems to have been a blessing in disguise for one of Sheffield’s most creative spaces.

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