Cornerstone @ Dyson Place

Cornerstone bringing casual dining to Dyson Place this summer

Dyson Place, just off Sharrow Vale Road has become a go-to spot since opening up last year and Cornerstone will be joining the party next month. Having recently opened Cornerstone Coffee at The Hive Yorkshire Wildlife Park, their second place will have a different vibe but the same ethos, providing great hospitality for their guests.

We caught up with Richard, one of Cornerstone’s owners to find out more. “I’ve grown up around food and drink, we have always had large gatherings at home, nobody left hungry, it’s part of my mum’s Italian heritage and we want to bring that same approach to Dyson Place”.

Cornerstone will be open Monday to Sunday, morning to night with a casual evolution throughout the day. From coffee and pastries, brunch dishes followed by an introduction of smaller and larger dishes, either to have individually or to share later in the day (they’ll be vegan & GF options too). “We want it to be the place you come to chill with your mates, whether that’s over a coffee, a cocktail or beer with food to share. It will be laid back. Our family have been running cafes in shopping centres for years, after the pandemic I wanted to run something a little different, more flexible and our menu will show that.

The two-story building, formerly used by the church is being transformed into a light, airy hang-out by Sheffield architects 93ft, it will include original features which will be subtly enhanced with creativity. Along with seating on both floors, there’s plenty of outdoor seating too.


“The independent nature of Cornerstone will give me more flexibility than I previously had, although the menu will include core favourites, we have the freedom to add new additions whenever we’re inspired too. Although they’ll naturally be Italian influences in there, we won’t be an Italian restaurant, we’ve travelled the world, we’re using local, seasonal produce that will be amplified by experience and imagination, whilst remaining accessible. We just want to make people happy.”

“Coffee is our thing, it’s what we’ve done for years and that will continue to be a strong focus here but we’ll also be serving up classic cocktails and locally brewed craft beers. If we see your prosecco glass half full, don’t be surprised if we come over and top it up, it’s just a habit.” 

Cornerstone at Dyson Place will be opening next month, joining the likes of Olive & Joy, Tonco, Inco Interiors and Neon Signs, Nam Song, Unit 6 and more, just off Sharrow Vale Road. 

We’ll update you on opening dates when we have them. We’re excited!

Cornerstone @ Dyson Place

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Cornerstone @ Dyson Place


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