Rad Dude Food

Cutlery Works New Trader #1 - Rad Dude Food

Kelham Island’s food hall Cutlery Works reopens on Saturday and a lot has changed over the past few months, making July an exciting month.

Quick recap: The Gravy Train traded in poutine for fried chicken with Slick Chick’s the week before lockdown was announced. Five Rivers and Pie Eyed had already left. They have also lost Base Pizza.

Visiting Cutlery Works after it reopens on Saturday 4th July will be a very different as social distancing measures will have been put in place. Not only that, they have also installed air con!

On the 9th July (TBC) Rad Dude Food will be opening up and serving American style deli sandwiches with a bit of a twist (as well as some familiar classics). 

Rad Dude Food comes from hot sauce fan Paddy who created his own sauce last year. This went down well with friends so he ended up bottling for others to enjoy. At Cutlery Works he’ll be serving up sandwiches that compliment his sauce, giving that launch experience an extra zing.

Check out their Insta for updates.

Stay up to date as lockdown restrictions ease with our Coronavirus Directory. 


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