Eat Out To Help out

Eat Out To Help Out Round-Up

We love eating out, we like to call it ‘research’ so we definitely took full advantage of the Eat Out To Help Out scheme (when we could get a table!), we discovered new favourites and returned to our much loved places.

Here’s our highlights from Rishi’s deals:

Let’s Sushi

This was our first experience in Let’s Sushi’s restaurant at West One. The service was spot in, the environment felt super safe (each table was separated with plastic sheets) and the food was exceptional. 

We’ll be returning for sure.


These guys are one of our faves, we can’t get enough of their tacos, we’d happily crown them the best in the city.

From their homemade wrap to the explosive fillings, each bite takes us to the streets of Mexico.


Rad Dude at Cutlery Works

When it comes to eating out in groups, Cutlery Works is dead easy. Not only is there so much choice but you order on the app so you don’t need to mess about trying to work out who owes what when paying the bill.

Rad Dude is one of Cutlery Works newest vendors, serving up sandwiches that pack a punch when it comes to flavour and these are really good, we can’t wait work our way through the menu.

Urban Choola

When it comes to Indian, it’s hard to find a better curry house than Urban Choola on Eccy Road. 

These guys execute every dish with perfection, offering those classic tastes delivered in a modern way.


Having already been to their city centre venues we had high-expectations for Oisoi’s new restaurant in New Era Square.

They have done an amazing job with the interior, it’s decadent whilst feeling comfortable and the food is just, wow.

We ploughed our way through some of the best Asian food we’ve tasted since our travels!

How was your experience? Discover any new favourites? Where are you going in September?


Check out all of the Sheffield independents who have extended the Eat Out to Help Out scheme in September here.


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