Grab 31 Days in May

Last month CityGrab, Sheffield independent food delivery app by City Taxis raised an amazing £17,087.86 for local NHS staff. These donations came from delivery fees over 3 weekends, Sheffielder’s really do love a take away during lockdown.

New month, new mission. Introducing ‘Grab 31 Days in May’.

The NHS has seen a huge amount of donations from all over the country, which is great, and needed, unfortunately that means other organisations are missing out on funding, especially local charities.

The help, CityGrab will continue to donate delivery fees each weekend but they are focussing on local, kicking things off today with the Weston Park Cancer Charity.

Each weekend they will donate delivery fees to a different local charity. 

You can eat you weekend take away guilt free!

Stay up to date during lockdown with our Coronavirus Directory.


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