Heist Brew Co

Heist Brew Co. bring community spirit during these tough times

Heist Brew Co. were set to move from Clowne to Kelham this summer, then lockdown happened. We caught up with Adam to see this has affected their plans.

How have you reacted to the lockdown?

We have been extremely positive through this process and continue to be positive about our future in Kelham. So much so that we have scheduled a brew with our friends at Full Circle Brew Co in Newcastle. It is part of a global campaign by New York brewery Other Half. The All Together campaign involves hundreds of breweries around the world brewing the same beer and using the profits to give back in the current crisis. 

We have decided that we will be focusing our attentions on our new location of Neepsend and Kelham Island. What we intend to do is use the profits from our half of the brew to purchase gift vouchers, experiences, tours etc etc, from bars, breweries, restaurants and cafes in the area. These will then be donated to the NHS which will be given out by nomination to doctors, nurses healthcare workers to use at their will.

We thought this would be a good way of supporting our new location and the surrounding areas as well as giving to the great cause that is the NHS.

This is amazing, make sure you pay them a visit when they do open (we’ll keep you updated!).

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