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Help SophistiCakes make white chocolate

Sheffield baker SophistiCakes has set up a GoFundMe campaign to raise enough money to purchase equipment so that she can make white chocolate free from any of the major 14 allergens including milk, eggs, nuts, coconuts, xantham gum and gluten.

She has the recipe sorted but not the equipment to refine and conch the chocolate and is hoping to raise £1000 which will allow her to create a product that isn’t available elsewhere.

This is a personal project for the baker who grew up unable to have cows milk protein, soya and egg in her diet.

She says “Until the age of 8 I had never been able to eat in a restaurant. We went to a little cafe in the middle of nowhere and mum asked if we could eat our own sandwiches while the grown ups had their lunch.

The owner asked why (most just said no) and my mum explained our allergies and he said you’ve come to the right place my wife is allergic too I can make them something! Not only did this wonderful man make us out first ever lunch out, while we were eating he went home to his house and brought us home made ice cream we could eat. So we got to have our first ice cream out too.

Fast forward 25 years I have grown out of my allergies and this all went by the wayside. I then had a son who is allergic to cows milk protein, soya, egg and coconut and peanuts, chickpeas and red kidney beans and I couldn’t find anyone that would make him a cake for his birthday. So I dusted off my apron and here SophisiCakes was born. I want to provide just a little bit of what that amazing man did so I am here asking for a little help to be able to provide that for other people.”

Donate here and you’ll be rewarded with samples!


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