Independents Day

Independents Day

So coronavirus is gone then? No! But it kinda feels like it…

Yesterdays announcement from government came with mixed reactions and we totally get. Not gonna lie, just a few weeks ago we weren’t expecting to see a beer garden this summer, then something changed, the economy pretty much collapsed and people started talking about the 4th July and the 1 metre rule.

It’s been a hard few months for us, there hasn’t been a day when we haven’t missed going for a pint or treating ourselves to a nice meal out but it has been more than that, we’ve seen a lot of our favourites struggle. It was the not knowing that has been the hardest for many. Not knowing if they’ll be able to open their doors again in 2020, or ever again. So far there has been a few casualties but easing restrictions on the 4th July has been a massive boost for everybody!

As this has been a rumoured date for a few weeks we’ve seen a lot of businesses prepare for it, to ensure that they can open to the public safely, for their staff to be safe as coronavirus is still out there, still contagious and still killing people.

A second wave is possible but preventable. Please go and support our independents, 3 months without any money coming in is hard but be respectful and responsible. Staff are risking their health for you to enjoy yours, we know it’s easy to forget to social distance when you’ve had a few too many so try not to have a few too many, pay on card and if they ask you to stay seated instead of going to the bar, please stay seated. Don’t forget to be cautious around other members of the public too!

We’ve updated our Coronavirus Directory to include businesses who’ve announced that they will be reopening in the next few weeks, some are yet to confirm dates. We’ll continue to update this as regularly as possible with links for bookings and further details (you’ll be encouraged to pre-book to visit your local and order drinks on an app).

We’ve made this list so that you don’t have to spend your money in Wetherspoons. 

Not every business is reopening just yet as they don’t feel that is safe to do so or don’t believe that they can provide the service that they want to based on the current guidelines. You guys won’t be forgotten! 

If your business isn’t listed, it isn’t personal, we just didn’t know, please e-mail with details.

We’ve done well to get this far!


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