Is this the start of the roaring 20's?

Is this how life is now? It feels like there’s no stopping you lot, whether it’s 2pm on a Tuesday or a Friday night, Sheffield is on it. There’s a buzz in the city again from both the shopkeepers and the customers whilst cafes, restaurants, pubs and bars continue to have queues going around the block. 

Is this the new ‘new normal’? Next month (hopefully) restrictions ease once again and we’ll be able to eat and drink inside (thank god, still not learnt how to dress for beer gardens in April, freezing once the sun goes down) which will mean more places can open then it’s basically a free for all from 21st June with all restrictions lifted (fingers crossed). Will the party continue? Is this the summer we won’t forget? 

This week feels pivotal. Will the novelty have worn off? The weather forecast looks unsettled, will a bit of rain really dampen the Brits Spirit? So many questions. If people are happy to queue outside the pub for an hour for a cold pint on a cold evening then we expect another week of madness to continue and keep on rolling. Just imagine life when the nights are warm or when you can go inside instead of wearing several levels to enjoy a nice meal out. It’s great to see so many businesses who’ve struggled to survive throughout the pandemic enjoy this nice bit of chaos.

The 1920’s were heady days, a time where societal restrictions eased and cultural moments had a real impact. We could be witnessing something similar if we continue on this roadmap. 

People have missed the pub but creatives have missed their opportunities to have an output too. Lockdown forced musicians off stages and back to creating whilst actors have had a year to reassess things, thanks to technology it has never been easier for creatives to make and disrupt work, even in isolation, we can expect the lockdown-aftermath in arts to spill out for years to come. 

Business has changed too. The 9 – 5 office lifestyle will never be the same again, businesses have lost money, working from home has been normalised and cost-effective whilst the past year has given many a time to reassess businesses models and opportunities that are likely to blossom as we go on… 

New places are opening, old places are evolving. Exciting times ahead in the 2020’s

The COVID-19 pandemic has been awful for so many reasons, the vaccine seems to be rolling out and we’re on the way to freedom (yes, we thought this last summer). So fingers crossed we can enjoy the release and be part of something special.

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