Joe Scarborough Signed Canvas Print Sheffield Through the Ages

Joe Scarborough’s ‘Sheffield Through The Ages’ at Weston Park Museum

Along with the hospitality sector reopening inside from today, attractions can do so too, including the Weston Park Museum which will have a new, must-see piece on display!

Joe Scarborough, Sheffield’s legendary artist is famed for takes on his home city but this masterpiece, ‘Sheffield Through The Ages’ is on another level. The huge mural that has been 6 years in the making will finally be on display in Sheffield, despite many challenges. The piece is the largest exhibit at the Museum and technology has to be thanked for making it happen.

The 10 metre by 2 metre piece depicts the story of Sheffield from 1940 to its completion in 2006 including the residents and the city’s architectural changes through the years. Although a labour of love for Joe, it was often a challenging, sometimes a torturous process, taxing the physical, mental and financial resources.

Joe says “The piece was commissioned by the council to represent Sheffield on permanent display in the Millennium Dome in London. With only half of the work complete, the Dome was sold to a private enterprise and that dream was dashed. As the high profile exposure disappeared, so did the sponsors and the local funding which meant a few trips to my understanding bank manager to allow me to fund it myself and get the thing done. Although universally acclaimed on completion, the problem was there was simply nowhere big enough to hang it and at one point it looked like it would have to be destroyed. 

Thankfully the museum stepped in and offered to house it, to my relief and everlasting gratitude. I was always told it couldn’t be reproduced, so when the guys presented me recently with the canvas and prints, I must admit I was moved. The colours and clarity are remarkable and I immediately had one of the canvases installed on my boat.”

We can’t wait to see it!

You can buy ‘Sheffield Through The Ages’ & other Joe Scarborough prints in The Shop.

Weston Park Museum reopens on Thursday 20th May. Entry is free but you must pre-book ahead of your visit, full details here.

Opening hours:

Tue–Sat 10am–5pm 

Sun 11am–5pm 

Mon 10am–5pm (during Sheffield school holidays only)

Joe Scarborough Signed Canvas Print Sheffield Through the Ages

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