Chorizo Casa Gomez

Lockdown Update: Chorizo Casa Gomez

It’s been a mad few weeks. Our daily lives have changed, we miss seeing the friendly faces behind our favourite independents. We are sure you do too, so we thought we’d check in.

Not only have they had to adapt their own lifestyle to the new normal, their business has had to change too.

We caught up with artisan chorizo makers Shelia and Felix. They are the husband and wife team behind Chorizos Casa Gomez who use natural methods for their chorizo.

What was your initial reaction to lockdown?

The first week that we were ready to sell our chorizos (with a full cabinet of chorizos) we were hit with the lockdown! Our first thoughts were, ‘How do we sell the chorizos now!’ I thought the lockdown meant that post offices would be shut as well, so I couldn’t see how we could sell at all!

How has your business changed over the past few weeks?

So from our initial start up with cafes, restaurants and cafes interested, we had to quickly get a website set up and start promoting on social media. Not how we had imagined our start to be!

How do you see the long-tern impact on small businesses?

I think the long term impact will mean that we are much more resilient as a business and personally when we come through this.

What has been your daily coping strategy in these crazy times?

We have little time to think in these crazy times as, thank goodness, we kept our day jobs as well as making chorizos!

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