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Lockdown Update: Owen Lewis Inspirational Coaching & Hypnotherapy

It’s been a mad few weeks. Our daily lives have changed, we miss seeing the friendly faces behind our favourite independents. We are sure you do too, so we thought we’d check in.

Not only have they had to adapt their own lifestyle to the new normal, their business has had to change too.

We caught up with Master Hypnotherapist and Master NLP Practitioner. Owen Lewis who specialise in supporting individuals and small businesses with anxiety, stress and depression at Owen Lewis Inspirational Coaching & Hypnotherapy.

What was your initial reaction to lockdown?

A feeling of fear and anger, which I allowed to turn to calm acceptance.


How has your business changed over the past few weeks?

Sense of relative isolation. No longer going to my practice rooms other than to connect virtually for a chat. Most of my open clients opted to place on hold their therapy for the time being with me creating recordings for them. At present I am consolidating and working on building within the current climate as well as providing services on a voluntary basis to NHS staff in need.


How do you see the long-tern impact on small businesses?

Very variable picture. For some who are set up well and in the right areas they can thrive, others will undoubtedly struggle and go under.


What has been your daily coping strategy in these crazy times?

First and foremost to ensure that I stay healthy, with daily exercise, either running or long walks, and eating well. Good contact with friends and family. Then having a strong plan which I visualise for my business moving forward and understanding that this is only a phase.

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