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Lockdown Update: Yoga at the Reach

It’s been a mad few weeks. Our daily lives have changed, we miss seeing the friendly faces behind our favourite independents. We are sure you do too, so we thought we’d check in.

Not only have they had to adapt their own lifestyle to the new normal, their business has had to change too.

We caught up with Nicola, founder of Yoga at the Reach on Eccelsall Road.

What was your initial reaction to lockdown? 

I was distraught about the lockdown for so many reasons! My first thought was my pregnant ladies not having access to their support networks. Then my NHS students for whom yoga is their sanity and all our students for who yoga is their lifeline! OMG. Then I felt a sense of relief! No more worrying about either getting or passing on the virus and then….how the hell do I keep my business afloat and educate two children at the same time?!

How has your business changed over the past few weeks? 

In a former life I sold web technology like Zoom so I knew I needed to get the Reach going online. I did my last in person class on Wednesday and started via the internet on Saturday!  Not all but most of our teachers have got behind the idea of teaching online. Those who are teaching feel so happy to be connecting with their communities again and I think we all feel we are doing a service (although it’s our pleasure).

How do you see the long-tern impact on small businesses? 

I guess honestly, I don’t know if many of us will make it through longer term. I see new businesses that have literally just opened up, the business owner putting all their money into the project and boom! All gone in the blink of an eye. I don’t think much will go back to normal as normal has shifted now! I wonder what disposable income folk will have and what spending trends will be. That said, there are opportunities out there but making the right business decisions with integrity at this time is key.

What has been your daily coping strategy in these crazy times?

You are asking a yoga teacher! I do yoga 6 days a week and try and take daily walks. That helps. I also have a lovely husband and children, for all of us keeping calm and carrying on is key!

Check out Yoga at the Reach here.

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