Meet Brew2You by CAMRA

Lockdown has impacted pretty much everybody and every industry. The beer industry can be unstable at the best of times, pubs on the verge of closing and breweries live on the edge. Then lockdown happened, pubs closed and breweries lost 90% of their trade over night. 

This new-normal has seen business models change drastically, they’ve had to adapt to survive. Some have been more successful than others, the longer lockdown lasts, the less likely some pubs and breweries will be able to reopen (there’s potentially hundreds facing permanent closure).

CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale), the non-for-profit organisation supporting the beer industry have launched Brew2You, an app that has been developed to help pubs and breweries during lockdown and make it easier for consumers to get hold of a decent pint whilst the pubs are shut.

It couldn’t be simpler, once you’ve downloaded the app from the App Store here and entered your location it lists the pubs and breweries offering delivery/collection services via the app.

Brew2You is free for breweries and pubs, there is a 5% admin fee when buying your beer to cover running costs.

The app is relatively new, Industry Tap are the only ones based in Sheffield on there at the minute. The are offering delivery (within 3.5 miles) on Friday’s after 6pm and collection Friday 2pm – 6pm and Saturday 2pm – 6pm of freshly poured pints from the city centre bar. 

The app also lists breweries offering nationwide delivery of bottles and cans.

Lockdown has caused many headaches but it has also brought innovation, such as this app, brought in as a temporary solution but it could easily but adapted to the next new normal.

We miss the pub, the pub misses us. Use them or lose them.

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