Meet Pellizco, bringing a taste of Mexico to Kelham

Street food favourites Pinch ‘n’ Pull have had a bit of a rebrand over lockdown and we’re excited! New name, new trailer, new home, new menu!

Meet Pellizo (Pinch in Spanish) who will be moving to SteelYard Kelham later this month. Pinch ‘n’ Pull have been serving Mexican inspired dishes on their menu for a while but they’ve gone for an exciting makeover.

As well as the branding and home, the other big change is that they are now using ingredients from Mexico along with local seasonal product to bring an authentic flavour.

Our big new product that we are excited to bring is the Mexican Fried Chicken Burger, served on toasted brioche with an achiote and orange reduction, chipotle mayo, pickled pink onions, coriander and Applewood smoked cheddar.  We have made our own spice blend and use a batter made from a combination of masa harina (Mexican taco) and regular corn flour. 

This dish is also served as tacos, and is completely gluten free, which has been greeted with a good response from a few people I know who are either intolerant or coeliac.” – Daniel Pinch.

Pellizco chicken burger

You’ll find Pellizco at SteelYard Kelham from Thursday 18th June (Thursdays – Saturdays), available to collect or delivered to your via CityGrab

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