The Bear

Meet The Bear - Nether Edge craft beer shop

We caught up with Matt, craft beer fan and owner of The Bear, which is opening on Abbeydale Road tomorrow (Wed 23rd June).

The Bear
Hi, please can you introduce yourself?
Hello I’m Matt and I’m about to open The Bear (Beer Emporium Abbeydale Road) at the site of the old Rude Shipyard.
What can people expect from The Bear?
The Bear is a place you can find a varied selection of beers, from familiar local products, modern classic craft from all over the country and a few surprises you might not have seen before! Hopefully it’s a place where you come and discover something new or enjoy one of your favourites.
Will customers be able to drink in (when restrictions are lifted)?
Yes I have a couple of tables at the minute and will have more as things get back to normal, it’s only a small shop but I have a few keg lines in and plans to develop the back of the shop too.
Will you be specialising in a beer style?
The fridges are full of pales and IPAs, there are a few lagers to choose from, a good selection of sours, ciders wines and a few specially selected spirits. But I’m mostly proud of my selection of stouts, if you like dark beers you shouldn’t be disappointed. 
Why did you choose to open on Abbeydale Road?
It’s the area I’ve personally been going to the most for food and drinks over the last few years and there’s still room for it to get even better. I’m in a great spot which you could consider the start or end of a run of drinking spots between The Bear and The Broadfield. If you’re going to hit them all at once please come to The Bear first though! 
What’s your favourite brewery?
That’s so hard to pick; locally The Brewery of St Mars of the Desert, in the UK I’d say Deya, and globally I’ll go for Moersleutel for their incredible stouts. 
Do you have a go-to beer style?
A fresh New England IPA in the sun by St Mars, a sweet, strong imperial stout by Moersleutel, or a Deya IPA. 

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