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Exclusive offers and discounts at Sheffield independents. Shop Local, Support Local, Be Local!

It’s never been more important to support our city’s independents, they need us now more than ever.

With This Is Sheffield’s brand-spanking new Be Local Membership you can support these great local businesses and save yourself money at the same time – bargain!

Expect exclusive discounts and offers at Sheffield’s restaurants, cafes, bars, shops, attractions and more, all for only £2.50 a month.

What to Expect...

All of this and more for only £2.50 per month.
Rag Parade

rag parade





Duality Bars

duality bar

mows coffee

mow's coffee

Bay Laurel Nails

bay laurel nails

Industry Tap

Industry Tap

Knots 'n' Niggles

Knots 'n' niggles


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