Milky Milky Ice Cream

Milky Milky Ice Cream bringing summer to your door

Meet Milky Milky Ice Cream, the latest venture from the brothers behind The Gravy Train and Slick Chicks.

Following the introduction of lockdown, Slick Chicks saw its Cutlery Works home close (one week after launch) and Gravy Train’s events calendar for more of 2020 wiped. 

Instead of sitting back and chilling with the grant from the government, they bought a vintage ice cream van and Milky Milky’s was born.

Sweet treats on the go. The days of listening out for the ice cream are gone! Hit Deliveroo/UberEats up and Milky Milky’s will come to you (central Sheffield only for now). 

It’s not just ice cream on offer, they’ll have milkshakes, brownies, cheesecake, pick n mix and sodas too!

Milky Milky’s will be on the road from tomorrow (Saturday 30th May).

Stay updated with their Facebook page.

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