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Not another Coronavirus story...

Sorry, you’re probably trying to find an outlet not talking about it but the Coronavirus is having a huge impact on our independent businesses.

In the last couple of weeks independent businesses have started to struggle and at the minute, the next few weeks, possibly months doesn’t look great.

Running an independent business is hard enough at the best of times so they need help now more than ever.

Restaurants have had cancellations despite their best efforts to create a safe environment to dine in. If you can eat out, please do, they’ll really appreciate your company. If you’re in self isolation or you just don’t feel comfortable dining out, many independent restaurants do deliveries such as Domo who have just joined Deliveroo. 

Fridge empty? Instead of heading to Tesco for your fruit, veg, milk, bread, meat, cheese etc… drop in to the Kelham Deli or Elm. You might not be able to get tonnes of toilet roll there but you’ll get your essentials and support local suppliers as well as the shops. 

Fancy a beer? Have a pint or two in your local, the barman is lonely.

Not keen on drinking out? No problem, grab a few bottles/cans from the Kelham Deli, Elm, Bar Stewards or Boozehound.

And for those self isolating, you don’t need to do it sober, order Abbeydale Brewery beers online and delivered to you. Save 10% when you enter ‘THISISSHEFFIELD’ at checkout.

For those who’ve binged their way through Netflix, Kelham Island Books & Music has a healthy supply of lit to read.

Keep an eye on KINCA Facebook page as they are setting up a neighbourhood help scheme ASAP.

It’s worrying times for all. The coronavirus won’t kill all humankind but it could destroy a lot of independent businesses, if you can help, help.


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