Forge Bakehouse

Pay Kindness Forward with Forge Bakehouse

2020 has been hard but we’ve seen some of the best in people, helping those struggling. As we approach another 4 weeks in lockdown, in the winter, things are going to get even harder.

We just wanted to applaud Forge Bakehouse who’ve launched a ‘Pay Kindness Forward’ scheme and their generous customers who’ve donated £150 in less than a week. 

If you’re struggling, message the Abbeydale Road cafe and they will be able to help you out with bread, coffees, pastries, sandwiches etc… for free (whilst donations last).

Find yourself with extra money from not spending in lockdown? Get involved in the Pay Kindness Forward scheme, you’ll be putting a smile on somebody’s face.

Forge Bakehouse are also reaching out to schools who provide breakfast for kids, they are wanting to donate bread and pastries one day.

Be kind to yourself and others.

Check out our Coronavirus Directory 2.0 to see how you can support independents in lockdown.


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