Pie Eyed

Pie Eyed are leaving Cutlery Works

It feels like we’re in the transfer window at the minute as comings-and-goings are happening on the regular at Cutlery Works.

This time we’re talking Pie Eyed who last night announced that they are moving on. They’ve become a firm favourite for many in their 18 month residency at Cutlery Works as they’ve turned the humble pie into a credible meal.

Where can you get your Pie Eyed fix after they shut up shop on Cutlery Works on Sunday 15th March? Well, they have a busy wedding season coming up so, if you’re getting married, book them up! Going to a wedding? Make sure they are doing the catering! Or, just gatecrash a wedding and hope they are serving up…

Failing that, they’ll probably be at Peddler and other food festivals cropping up.

Keep your eye out to see who will replacing them.


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