Pina Social Rides

Pina and Cycling Sheffield team up for Social Rides

Great coffee, bike rides and burritos. Sounds like a great way to spend the day right? Well you can do all of that with the help of Piña and Cycling Sheffield, this Good Friday!

On the 2nd April, the plan is : Meet at Piña for 9:30am for a tasty takeout coffee, to get your energy up. At 10:00am it’s time to set off for a picturesque ride through Bradfield.

The route is all pre-planned for you, so you can leave your compasses at home! By 12:00pm you’re back at Piña, with your feet up and a burrito in hand – how all bike rides should end.

Post ride refreshments will also be available, rounding off this itinerary beautifully.

The cherry on top being Cycling Sheffield in attendance too! So you’ll get to complete the route with one of the UK’s most successful elite level cycling teams!

Swap the sofa for your bike seat, and enjoy one of the few ways we are allowed to get social these days. The route is approximately 40km, and rated as a beginner / intermediate level, so there’s no good reason not to grab your bike, get involved and get active!

For safety, there’s a maximum of 6 people allowed to ride together in groups.

DM Piña to confirm your attendance here.

Written by Carly.

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