Amelia Selby

Post Lockdown Q&A with Amelia from This Is Sheffield

After a year of the COVID-19 pandemic, months of lockdowns, tier systems and restrictions, we are all hopeful that things will get back to normal by the summer. Whilst the government has staggered its roadmap to minimise risk of even more deaths and setbacks, there finally seems to be a light at the end of this dark tunnel. 

We are catching up with some of the people behind Sheffield’s independents to find out what they are looking forward to the most.

This week we spoke to our very own Amelia.

Hi Amelia, how have you found the past twelve months? What have you missed the most?

Bizarre. Completely and utterly bizarre. It’s not like anything anyone has ever experienced before so it’s been a rollercoaster.

For me, the thing I’ve missed the most is going out for coffee and brunch. It’s a staple in my lifestyle and nearly a year on, the novelty of burnt toast and failed latte art has well and truly gone.

What restaurant will you be going to first & what will you be eating?

This is like asking a parent to choose a favourite child. I was really excited to see that The Great Gatsby will be reopening, not least because they will be serving up some delicious sounding Mexican grub. I have lots of good memories there so I’m glad it’s coming back.

I also really want to try some of the new restaurants that have opened up during lockdown too, like Bench, Chakra Lounge and Seriously Smokin’ Burgers

Where will you be having your first drink?

Probably The Hallamshire House. It’s just down the road from me and it will be the shortest distance to run when those doors open on April 12th. And I don’t care that I’d probably be the oldest in there but I’m gagging for a night out in West Street Live. I’d 100% treat me sen’ to a Dev Chippy on the way home too. 

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learnt during the past year?

I’ve learnt that I enjoy being around people more than I realised. That I am definitely a person that needs to be around others.

It’s really put into perspective for me the importance of family, friends and the local community. People are great. 

What are you most excited for when things get back to normal?

The spontaneity. Watching the clock strike 5 and being able to say, ‘Pub?’. Walking past the florists and treating myself to a bouquet, just because. Most of all, I’m really excited to see the sense of community that will prevail from this.

People have come together more than ever before – getting to know neighbours, shouting thank you to the postman through the letterbox (and actually meaning it), and supporting local independent businesses wherever possible.

I can’t wait to see this amplify when the masks can come off and we can actually throw our arms around the wonderful people who have supported us through a difficult year.

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