Quotes for Hope

Quotes for Hope at Fitzalan Square

Fancy a stroll under banners of hope and positivity?

Well local artist and producer Sarah Wilson, has teamed up with DINA to make this a possibility, with project ‘Quotes for Hope‘.

From 25th March right through till the 25th April, 3 ft banners of hopeful quotes and feel-good thoughts will be proudly hung 20 ft high throughout our very own Fitzalan Square.

The aim? To make the people of Sheffield smile.

With the doors to our venues and theatres closed for so long Sarah wanted to celebrate the cities people, in a creative, visible way that would reignite that connection between us, whilst we can’t do so in person.

Sarah invited fellow artists and people with a connection to Sheffields cultural sector to come up with a ‘Quote for Hope’. With 36 banners to fill they were simply asked ‘Can you offer the people of Sheffield some words to make them smile?’.

Each quote on these banners is just as important as the other. Whether it’s ‘You are always welcome here’, or simply ‘Things Change’. These positive affirmations are exactly what we need, as we hit the 1 year mark of our first lockdown. Amongst these quotes, are also the thoughts of pre-schoolers from Ellesmere Children’s centre. They were asked what makes them feel happy, and their answers are the heart warming cherry on top of this important and powerful project.

Sally explained that she felt it was important to “embellish our towns and cities with connection’s, creating visible chords to others…offering messages of hope. And revealing our best washed thoughts strung on a clothesline to air”. Commissioned and and supported by DINA, this public art piece will be displayed right next to their new location in Fitzalan Square.

DINA’s original venue at Cambridge Street, has been the heart of alternative arts and culture in Sheffield. They take a special interest in social projects, particularly ones at the heart of the community – so this was naturally the perfect match.

Be sure to take a wander beneath the Quotes for Hope – fresh air and smiles guaranteed.

Photo from Dina Facebook page.

Written by Carly.

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