Robin Loxley

Robin Loxley is back with another treasure hunt!

Just in case today (Monday 17th May) wasn’t exciting enough Robin Loxley is back with more money to give away!

Sitting between posts from pubs announcing their doors are open on our Facebook timeline was one from Sheffield’s mysterious artist, gifter and man of the people, Robin Loxley. It seems like the character is new to Facebook but we’ve been following his Instagram account and movements for the last couple of years as he’s been pulling stunts across the city, from throwing money into crowds at Meadowhall to decorating a Sharrow estate with plants.

These heartwarming stories have brought joy to unsuspecting Sheffielder’s but it was last year’s treasure hunt that kept us guessing for a week to win some money and art, hidden in Sheffield. 

Fancy your chances? Follow Robin Loxley’s Facebook & Instagram accounts for daily clues. Check out his website to find out about his previous stunts.

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