Sad news day: Elm are moving

Well, this is. shit. Elm have been an evolving bar/restaurant since opening up on Gibraltar Street, becoming a forward think place to enjoy great food and wine.

New location to be announced soon!

We’re confident that Sam and the team will do something great wherever they open up next.

In a post on Facebook they wrote

Elm is on the move. Yep. Not gonna tease you with a build up just straight in there. We’ll be waving a heavy and heartfelt goodbye to our birthplace on Gibraltar Street in search of different premises for post lockdown fun times.

elm 2.0 if you will. I’ll share my mindthoughts and feelings on the move in another post but we are genuinely excited to progress our lil bar to the next step.  

So don’t panic if you see us stripping out the bar! We’d also like to chat to anyone who’d be interested in taking on the space with the fixtures and fittings otherwise we’ll be stripping the building back to how we found it.

To be clear the business and brand are not for sale, but if you want a cool space and don’t want to have to fit out a kitchen and put lights and floorboards and stuff in then please email hello@elmsheffield.co.uk so we can give you a call.”

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