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Self Esteem release new single, announce Leadmill show

Ever waited patiently for new music only to be disappointed? Well, good news, you won’t be disappointed by I Do This All The Time, the stunning new single from Sheffield’s Self Esteem. Along with yesterday’s release came the announcement of a November tour which includes a stop in Sheffield!

I Do This All The Time is everything you expect from Rebecca Taylor without ever realising as she does what she has always done, speak brutally honestly. This time it’s about not hitting those expectations we all conjure up in our heads (y’know, FOMO, body size, comparing yourself to others, having lots of friends,  getting married, having kids like life is just a set of tick boxes) but she’s figured out that they are just in our heads. What makes the single so great, different and surprising is the delivery, how blunt it is, even for the former Slow Club member, she’s always been self-deprecating but this takes it to a whole new level and it’s a banger.

This is the first new material from Self Esteem since the Cuddles Please EP which followed the debut album, Compliments Please in March 2019, a huge pop record that had been itching to get out of Rebecca for years whilst she co-fronted Slow Club with Charles Watson. The pair released 5 albums together from Yeah So in 2009 to 2016’s One Day All of This Won’t Matter Anymore. 

In the early days Slow Club were a playful duo bashing out songs on pots and pans (literally) as they came up in a scene with the likes of Laura Marling, Mumford & Sons, Los Campesinos!, Florence & the Machine etc… who all went huge whilst Rebecca and Charles were criminally overlooked. Charles was the lowkey acoustic one whilst Rebecca was the wild card, chatty, funny and a pop star in waiting, she could pen a hit. The pair grew apart and you could hear it in the music as the sound of each album began to have songs that were clearly written by Rebecca and songs clearly written by Charles but the albums deserved to have been bigger than they were.

Thankfully the pair didn’t let their differences destroy them, as seen in documentary Our Most Brilliant Friends, filmed on their last tour together whilst they had started working on individual projects, Rebecca’s being Self Esteem’s Compliments Please. 

I Do This All The Time is a rule book we should all live by and we can’t wait to hear what else Rebecca has to say on album two. 

You can catch Self Esteem at Get Together Festival at The Foundry on Sunday 8th August, get tickets here.

Sign up to their mailing list here to access pre-sale for Self Esteem gig at The Leadmill on 12th November.

Don’t send those long paragraph texts. Stop it. Don’t. Self Esteem, on brand as ever.

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