Sheffield City Centre

Sheffield City Centre to reopen on Monday 15th June

Following government guidelines, ‘non-essential’ shops will be allowed to reopen on Monday (with social distancing measures in place). Coronavirus is still out there so shopping in Sheffield City Centre won’t be the same but these places are reopening because they need to.

The impact of lockdown has been huge on independent businesses, particularly in the retail and hospitality sector (pubs, bars, restaurants and services are likely to reopen on the 4th July) and social distancing measures will remain a huge restriction on income (particularly in the hospitality sector, limited the number of tables in a restaurant could easily make it not worthwhile to open).

We’ve already lost a few places, including Syd and Mallory on Division Street and it’s highly likely that more will go, especially with a recession looming.

Along with The Moor Market. and Orchard Square they’ll be plenty more shops to support on Monday. If you can pay a visit to Vulgar, Cow and Music Junkee whilst you’re knocking about, please do. They need your money, but they’ll probably appreciate a hello too.

Remember to keep your distance (2 metres), sanitise, wear a face mask and respect the safety measures in place. We don’t want to have a second wave, lockdown has been tough enough!

Stay up to date during lockdown with our Coronavirus Directory.


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