Sheffield Independents under attack

Thought our independents have had it tough recently? Us too! Well this guy didn’t. 3 businesses on Ecclesall Road and 1 in Broomhill have been vandalised in the past week.

We’re presuming these attacks have all been by the same person as they are remarkably similar. The image above is from Clarrie’s Kitchen where the culprit threw a brick through the window to get in. 

Below you can see another broken door, this was taken this morning at Ecclesall Ale Club, nothing of value was stolen but it’s inconvenience that businesses who’ve been struggling for 14 months don’t need.

Ecclesall Ale Club

This next image, from the third Ecclesall Road business, Copa shows a familiar looking character, again, nothing of value taken but a damaged door that costs money.


And finally, micro pub The Itchy Pig in Broomhill had their door kicked in last week…

Itchy Pig

Thankfully nobody has been harmed and there hasn’t been a huge amount of valuables stolen but repairs cost money and these businesses need every penny right now!

If you have any information please let the police know, things like this shouldn’t happen.


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