A Very Warm Welcome: original artwork


A unique piece of hand-embroidered, textiles artwork by artist Lynne Chapman.

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‘A Very Warm Welcome’ was based on a watercolour sketch I created, sitting on the ground outside Costa in Orchard Square, looking at the customers through the window. I tried recreate the atmosphere of a warm refuge on a chilly afternoon.

The work is created by hand stitching with embroidery silks onto a hand-painted cotton background, using wool and delicately coloured organzas to build up layers of colour and texture. It is mounted onto a hand-stretched, unbleached cotton canvas and measures 53.5 x 61 cm. It is designed to hang as is (it does not require further framing)

All my work is hand-stitched. I never know quite how an individual piece will look when it’s finished, because I always allow my work to evolve as I go along, which means that each piece is a completely unique one-off.

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