Handmade Alice in Wonderland & Neo-Victorian gemstone upcycled statement pins


Victorian ERA – Out of Our Minds!

The adventures of Alice in Wonderland is a timeless classic that poked fun at strict Victorian sensibilities to reveal the absurd. Also featured are classic Victorian images and Angels.

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Choose from 20 different styles – each a one of a kind creation!

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Travel through the looking glass with these one of a kind themed statement pins that pays homage to this classic Victorian era tale and with a different quirky character from Alice in Wonderland. Other pins in this set include iconic Victorian images, and Victorian angels to provide a sense of ethereal protection.

The glass cabochon character is presented on a kilt style pin to fancy up a ladies’ or gents’ lapel, jumper, or overcoat. All pins include gemstone, metal, and glass beads and findings upcycled from previously loved jewellery bits and bobs. The glass cabochon is also handmade.

I make each pin to be unique so that it has its own personality. So there won’t be another one quite any one of those shown here. So once it’s gone, it’s gone!

Choose from one of these 20 different styles, £12 or  £15 each depending on the style. See dropdown menu.

1)    It’s a Mad tea party – Mad Hatter with freshwater pearl, rose quartz & glass beads, silver tones SOLD

2)    Alice’s big decision – Alice with howlite, jasper & glass beads, bronze tones

3)    Off with their heads! – Queen of hearts, with sodalite, red coral & glass beads, silver tones

4)    The Cheshire smile – Cheshire Cat, with red & green jasper & glass beads, bronze tones

5)    Mischief for Alice –– Alice, with jasper and glass beads, bronze tones

6)    Decisions, decisions – Alice with a key and chain, teacup and saucer, sodalite, jasper & glass beads, silver tones

7)    Tea time with the March Hare – White rabbit with a teapot and teacup, howlite & glass beads, silver tones

8)    Time for Tea – Mad Hatter with a teapot and clock, with hematite, snowy obsidian & crystal glass beads, bronze tones

9) Blue Angel – Pensive Victorian angel with wing charms, lapis lazuli & crystal glass beads, silver tones

10) Someone to watch over me – Victorian cherub with wing charms, white howlite & glass beads, silver tones

11) Winter guardian – Victorian angel in winter gear to keep you safe during the cold months, with silver wings, abalone and pink jasper beads, silver tones

12) Unlock your imagination – Phrenology head with cog & key charms, quartz & hematite beads, silver tones

13) Writing time – Victorian typewriter with clock & letter charms, freshwater pearl & glass beads, bronze tones.

14) A lady of exceptional taste – Victorian Lady with rose quartz and glass beads, bronze tones.

15) Victorian mindfulness – Phrenology head with onyx, hematite and crustal glass beads, silver tones

16) Magical mushrooms – Victorian mushrooms, with freshwater pearl, sodalite, and glass beads, silver tones.

17) Key insights – Victorian eye with key charm, blue goldstone, snowy obsidian, and glass beads, bronze tones.

18) The Key to her heart – Victorian Lady with key, amethyst, goldstone, and crystal beads, silver tones.

19) A greener way of travel  – Victorian tricycle with cogs & chain, shell & green jasper beads, bronze tones.

20) The key to success – Victorian hand with key & lock charms, onyx & glass beads, bronze tones.

Pin width: 2 inches/ 5 cm. Length:  varies from 2 – 3 inches/ 5 – 7.5 cm

All pins come on a card with their title as shown.

Orders ship to the UK within 1-3 business days after payment is received.

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