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Victorian ERA – Out of our minds

One of a kind gemstone, upcycled statement pins to tickle your nonsensabilities

22 different styles to choose from

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Pet portraits

The Victorians were a quirky lot who admired all things natural including animals and birds. They also considered their pets as family members, often treating them like royalty. Animal portraits were a reflection of this ideology,
portraying pets and other common animals as proper Ladies and or Gentlemen.


Ah, the wonder and absurdity of Steampunk! Based on an alternative timeline where steam and not electricity runs the world, and everything lady like and gentlemanly from the Victorian era is in fashion, Steampunk engages the imagination and tickles our non-sensibilities.

These Neo-Victorian themed one of a kind statement pins combine historic images with whimsical themes, and a touch of modern ideology to appeal to your non-sensibilities. Quirky doesn’t begin to describe the effect!

These themed statement pins pays homage to these Victorian sensibilities and portray different animal dressed in proper attire or iconic steam punk images on a kilt style pin to fancy up a ladies’ or gents’ lapel, jumper, or overcoat. All pins include gemstone, metal, and glass beads and findings upcycled from previously loved jewellery bits and bobs. The glass cabochon is handmade.

I make each pin to be unique so that it has its own personality. So there won’t be another one quite any one of those shown here.

Choose from one of these 22 different styles, £12 or  £15 each depending on the style. See the drop down menu for prices:

1)    Sir Ravenhurst – Crow in a top hat, with smoky quartz & crystal glass beads, bronze tones
2)    Sir Feline’s Serenade – Black cat with a fiddle,  with jasper & glass beads, bronze tones
3)    Horse Feathers! – Horse couple with sodalite & glass beads, silver tones
4)    Birds of a feather –– Bird couple with onyx and glass crystal beads, bronze tones
5)    A gentleman’s choice – Tabby cat with agate & glass beads, a pipe & key, silver tones
6)    Sir Robert Cat (or “Bob” to his friends) – Wildcat with agate & hematite beads, silver tones
7)    The Musings of Lady Catterly – Cat with hematite & glass beads, silver tones
8)    Sir Canine of the Baskerville – Whippet with red coral & glass beads, silver tones
9)    Tea with Pavlov’s Dog – Dachshund with Jasper beads, a bell and a teacup and saucer, bronze tones
10)  The Vanity of Miss Felicity – Tabby cat with Jasper & glass beads, and a mirror, bronze tones
11) Man in the Moon – Victorian moon face with moon & star charms, with rutilated quartz & glass beads, silver tones
12) You’ll go farther on a Penny Farthing – Victorian tricycle with key & cog charms, Snowy obsidian and glass beads, silver tones.
13) What a splendid hat – Steampunk gent with an octopus hat, key, cog, and snowy obsidian & abalone beads, silver tones
14) Time flies when – Clock face with wings. With red jasper & crystal and glass beads, bronze tones
15) Lady of the sea – Lady Octopus with shell charm, rutilated quartz and crystal glass beads, silver tones.
16) Lady Octopus takes a stroll – Octopus Lady with hematite & glass beads, silver tones
17) Tea and Goggles – A splendid Steampunk Lady with her octopus hat, tea and goggles, ready for the next adventure. With hematite & crystal and glass beads, bronze tones
18) Walk like an Egyptian – Victorian walking boots with chain & Pharaoh charm, with glass beads, bronze tones
19) Frankly my dear… – Victorian odd couple with key & chain charms, red jasper & glass beads, bronze tones.
20) Don’t drink & cycle – Victorian Penny farthing with tea cup & cog charms, hematite & glass beads, bronze tones
21) Free your mind – Phrenology head with key charm, write howlite & snowy obsidian beads, bronze tones.
22) Victorian @ heart – Anatomical Victorian heart with heart charms, hematite and glass beads, silver tones.

Pin width: 2 inches/ 5 cm. Length:  varies from 2 – 3 inches/ 5 – 7.5 cm

All pins come on a card with their title as shown.

Victorian inspired one-of-a-kind hand-crafted jewellery & accessories for people with refined taste and non-sensibilities.

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