Sorrel's Cocoa Bakery - now opening on Wednesdays!

Brace yourselves, Sorrel’s Cocoa Bakery is now opening from Wednesday to Saturday – 11am till 3pm.

Here is why you need to commit those times to memory : Chunky chocolate slabs – the clue is in the title, and you may already be sold. However, when the options for said slabs are either ‘stuffed’ or ‘overloaded’, you know you’re in a place of true happiness.

One is named, White Kinder and Nutella Stuffed Slab (which may be the best grouping of words, ever).

Browse their delicious creations here.

white kinder

The magic doesn’t stop there, as their bakery also sells stuffed cookies, blondies, brookie pots (layers of brownie, cookie and fillings..yep!) and brownies in an epic selection of flavours.

Have a birthday coming up? Celebrate it the only way that makes sense, with their personalised giant birthday brownies! You get to choose your flavour, ganache and toppings.

Make the right decision here.

Christmas shopping? They sell beautifully packaged gift vouchers in store.

Also on offer is ‘The Christmas Little Bit of Everything Box’, which includes a mix of their handmade, hand painted bonbons.

Do Santa’s work and pre order here.

You have to see these delights to believe them, so support your independents and pay Sorrel’s Cocoa Bakery a visit this week.

Also delivering – getcha’ orders in here.

Christmas Gift

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