Parkwood Springs

Stargazing in Sheffield - Get some of the best views in the country

Sheffield is a city unlike any other, from its industrial heritage to its creative output but it’s the landscape that makes it truly unique. A city built on 7 hills, surrounded by the Peak District, you’re never far away from a great view and green space, even if you’re in the heart of the city centre.

The past year has seen our lifestyles dramatically slow down, allowing nature to shine. With less cars on the roads and fewer planes in the air, the sky has become much cleaner. Our steelworks might have a celebrated legacy however, those factories did no favours for nature but as times have moved on the Steel City has less light pollution than other major cities. 

All of these factors, along with the fact that the city is 88 metres above sea level, Parkdean Resorts have claimed Sheffield is the second-best city in the UK for checking out the stars. 

Have you looked up at the sky recently and noticed more stars than before? Did you catch the meteor flying overhead the other week?

It is possible to see stars and planets with a naked eye but if you want to capture more it might be worth getting hold of a telescope. 

Why not get a better view and head away from the highrise buildings. The viewing points at Parkwood Springs, Manor Fields Park, Bolehill Recreation Ground, Norfolk Heritage Park are great for stargazing or head out to the Peaks where you really are spoilt for choice.

What’s your favourite stargazing spot?

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