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Support independent businesses now!

Running an independent business is never easy, even at the best of times. January is a challenging month, they had just got through it, then coronavirus hit.

Restaurants have had countless cancellations and staff in cafes and bars are bored as they have no customers. Coronavirus has brought a scary, unknown period that could last months. The impact on independent businesses will be huge.

Whether you’re coronavirus free, being cautious or in isolation you can support our local businesses…

If you are well and comfortable to be around other people go and visit an independent cafe, pub or restaurant, they will appreciate your company and your money, even if it is just a coffee, a couple of pints or a meal. Every little helps.

These places are open to serve to our community, they are being super diligent when it comes to hygiene, not only are they responsible for your health, they need to ensure that their staff are working in a safe environment too.

Chain stores have an infrastructure that will help them get through this uncertain period, most independents don’t. A lot live week-to-week, they have staff and bills to pay.

For those uncomfortable about eating and drinking out, there’s places such as Seven Hills Bakery open to stock up on your supplies, as is the Porter Brook Deli whilst  Ecclesall Ale Club has a fridge full of great beers to take home. There’s countless restaurants out there who do takeaways so you can have that restaurant standard meal and for those in self isolation, order a delivery.

Obviously your health is the most important thing but if you can help, help. Our community needs these businesses to be around longer than coronavirus. 


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