The Wick At Both Ends

Taking The Wick - trouble at the ends

Super Saturday seemed relatively calm across Sheffield as bars, pubs and restaurants reopened for the first time since March.

The majority of people behaved themselves and the businesses were able to provide safe environments without disrupting the service they provided or the atmosphere.

Unfortunately The Wick At Both Ends didn’t have the weekend they hoped. Last week the popular West Street bar announced it was to close, the following morning a new Instagram account was created, and they were to reopen on Saturday. We don’t know the situation but presumed something had gone on, why wouldn’t they have just handed over the old Insta account over?

This morning the new owners posted this on Instagram, seems like they are just as confused as we are…

“We have recently been informed that an allegation has been made against us that we would like to address immediately. 

A recent campaign to boycott The Wick has overshadowed the fantastic work that our team have accomplished since handover of the keys from the new owner a week ago today. We would like to confirm that we are a completely new tenant that has a lease with the new owner to occupy the ground floor and cellar of the property. All fixtures and fittings were sold to us by the previous tenant. 

We have also been informed that the previous tenant had no security of tenure which allows the new owner to find a new tenant if they so wish. We would like to confirm that we were under the impression that the previous company had fallen into liquidation (please search ‘The Wick at Both Ends Ltd’ companies house profile). However, until recently we have been informed that the previous tenant operated under a different company name since circa October 2019. We were not aware of the current situation and certainly do not have any involvement with the decision to make all previous staff redundant. 

Our CEO has called previous staff members to explain the situation; we have organised a meeting to discuss this matter further and provide evidence that we are not the owners but the tenant. Any staff members that have not heard from our CEO, please get in touch with us – we apologise in advance but we don’t know who you guys are!

We would like to confirm that we had no involvement with the decision making process. We were under the impression that we were saving The Wick and providing the investment that (as confirmed by previous staff) it desperately needed. 

We understand everyone’s frustrations, however, we need your support to make this great venue flourish. If anything, the current situation has motivated us to carry on the hard work and ensure that the previous staff find further employment. We are appalled by the situation and hope that we can assist during this difficult time. 

We will update you all once we have met with the previous staff.   

Thank you.”

Please support them. It’s tough out there…

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