Chakra Lounge

The Chakra Lounge : Now at Fitzalan Square

Meet The Chakra Lounge, an Indian café with a British twist, in the heart of Sheffield.

With their ethos centred around well-being, you can relax your mind at The Chakra Lounge whilst delighting your tastebuds!

Step into the vibrant oasis, and see delights like their version of a full english. Aptly named ‘If Indians did it’, it pairs staple ingredients like bacon and egg, with cumin sweet potatoes and masala beans. Traditional Indian snacks are available, alongside curry and rice bowls for bigger appetites. Finish it off with a choice of delicious cakes, and a cup of authentic Indian coffee.

With a 90 per cent veggie and vegan menu, there’s something for everyone.

Owner Sam came to Sheffield as a student in 2008. Whilst pairing British ingredients with their own well-loved spices, he came up with the idea for The Chakra Lounge. Years later he also got into reiki and spiritualism, and decided to make this idea a reality.

Sam says: “The idea was to make an experience where people can just come and relax and they are not on edge. It’s not about being quick and high table turnover. It’s a place where people can come and balance their thoughts and mind, and let their whole body relax.”

With Chakra Lounges’ in Buxton and India,what’s truly special is the effort they all put into giving back. In Sheffield, they’ve given free meals to school kids and NHS staff. In Buxton, their pay it forward scheme enables you to buy a stranger a coffee,via the website. Across both their £1 per table initiative takes £1 off the bill for every table (or £10 worth of takeaway), and donates it to people in need in the community.

With books, board games, and exquisite food in a serene setting – this place is full of all things positive, delicious, and kind.

What an important place to have in times like these . Please support and indulge here.

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