The New Constellations Sheffield journey begins!

We’ve been privileged to spend time amongst some of Sheffield’s most inspiring individuals and the New Constellations team on a project that we hope can have a positive impact on our city for generations.
New Constellations is a new concept that was launched to help guide and empower people, communities and cities in a new direction using small and different mindsets that can evolve into long and lasting change for the better. The consultations began after the New Constellations team were given funding by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation as part of a larger project with the Blavatnik School, to run a process in Sheffield following their first place-based project in Barrow.
New Constellations

Sheffield was chosen after initial research highlighted that it was a city at a crossroads. Key stakeholders from different walks of life in the city were then brought together in September for a couple of days, discussing Sheffield as it stands and where it could go. With a vision in mind, the process was opened up further, which is where we came on board.

We joined some members of the group involved in the initial consultation along with others, making up a crew of 21 in two separate sessions in December, a few more members joined in the second round. The crew is made up of people in Sheffield from different areas, backgrounds and institutions who brought their own experiences, stories, beliefs and most importantly, passion to the table. This led to much-needed, difficult and emotional conversations throughout the journey, highlighting deep-rooted and systemic issues in the city. There isn’t a quick fix, but that is ok, Sheffield isn’t broken.

During each session we looked at the city through different eyes and visions brought in by the New Constellations team and yes, we spoke about our concerns that we currently have and for the future but we also discovered how great the city is, and the brilliance that people of Sheffield offer in areas and aspects we don’t normally shout about.

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This is just the beginning of the journey that we hope will be passed on for generations. We hope some changes will be bold and highly impactful whilst others may go unnoticed but over time they will creep into the future of the place we love so much.

We will be introducing you to members of the crew and updating you on the progress of these inspiring and diverse projects that will start to evolve shortly and we hope it will encourage others to follow. We aren’t doing this for ourselves, we’re doing it for the future of Sheffield.


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