Orange Bird

The Orange Bird Restaurant to Open This Month

A new restaurant will be opening on Middlewood Road in a couple of weeks! Owner and head chef Anne Horner and Matthew Duggan-Jones are excited to give Hillsborough something to shout about with The Orange Bird

The restaurant will be opening from 10am, Wednesdays to Saturdays for coffee, pastries, toast, homemade granola/muesli but their main focus will be on lunch and dinner service.

The main style of cooking will be over an open fire. They have had a bespoke BBQ made by Nathan Davies, owner and chef at SY23 restaurant in Aberystwyth. Orange Bird’s chef, Matt can’t wait to cook in this style, something he has been wanting to do for years. Expect innovative, fast-casual food, cooked over coals using quality produce and complex processes including Asian pork flatbreads, Koji buttered Sweetcorn, pigs ears.

Dessert will be ice cream, but not your average ice cream, they will be using a Pacojet – a tool most chefs dream of using to give unique textures!

Once a month they will be bringing a special Sunday Brunch experience to Hillsborough whilst they plan to introduce a cocktail menu too!

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