Triple Point

They'll never take away our freedom

We just wanted to say a massive thank you to everybody for the first week of freedom.

Thanks to all who’ve worked day-and-night in hospitality, adapted to new guidelines, worked in new places, managed new staff and dealt with huge demands from the public who couldn’t wait to be back out-and-about. You’ve all done a cracking job, especially after months off.

Thanks to everyone in retail who worked tirelessly to open the city back up (yes, we saw the queues outside Primark), all those who’ve been trimming those lockdown locks, doing nail art and those in the gyms, we envy anybody who hasn’t piled on a few pounds this year.

Thanks to the council and police for helping provide safe environments for both customers and staff. We are sure that at times it has been frustrating but nobody wants another lockdown. Earlier in the week we did see a few places push limits with rules of 6 and social distancing being a bit slack but by the weekend everybody seemed to be behaving themselves.

And finally, the people. Every customer who has gone out and showed their support to our independents who really needed to see the money roll in and many have had their best weeks ever, despite limiting the amount of covers they could do with social distancing and outdoors only. Thanks for dining out in the cold. Thanks for your patience and behaving yourselves.

Abbeydale Picture House

Don’t get bored of the novelty. Another sunny week ahead! Go out and go alfresco again (hopefully we can actually get in more places this week, you guys packed everywhere out!).

We managed to get in, and thoroughly enjoyed The Millowners Arms, The Fat Cat, Two Thirds Beer Co. with Get Wurst, Abbeydale Picture House with Abbeydale Brewery, Triple Point Brewing with Twisted Burger Co, Sidney & Matilda and Peddler.

Can’t wait to see more happy people (even if the smiles are hidden under a mask).

Get Wurst

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