Wasn't lockdown meant to make people kinder?

What’s wrong with people? Like seriously. A couple of months ago, mid-lockdown everybody was chill, a humbling experience. On your daily walk you’d smile to strangers (whilst crossing the road so they don’t sneeze in your face) and they’d say hi, Thursday’s at 8pm was the weekly time to go bonkers and give your heart to the NHS.

Then something happened. The ‘be kind’ sentiments went out the window. People forgot how to use bins, decided to angry at police when they were having parties instead of staying home or packing out beaches like idiots and then there’s racism and the misunderstand of Black Lives Matter…

We’ve all missed eating out and have a drink with pals (especially everyone who didn’t break the curfews and go to illegal raves) the 4th July couldn’t have come soon enough. Not only just for us but for those who work in hospitality too, they missed engaging with customers. Don’t for the owners too, they’ve had no money coming in for months.

So you’d think the last couple of weeks would have been a great time for all, right?

Understandably it has been on the quiet side as some people are still wary, which is fine but with social distancing measures, most places have had to drastically reduce capacity and work with a booking system to ensure that they have a safe environment for both customers and staff.

Makes sense right. Not for everybody it seems, as our pals at Pina found out. On reopening weekend they had 30 bookings who didn’t show up. 30! They chose to book tables, Pina had to turn people away. Pina lost money and people missed out on tacos. Ridiculous. All they had to do was send them a message and it would have been fine. It wasn’t just Pina who had this, yesterday Boozehound posted that there was 51 no shows at Cutlery Works last weekend too. 

Along with the no-shows, there was some people Pina wished hadn’t turned up as disregarded the staff asking them to abide by the rules, y’know the ones that we’ve been having to deal with for months. Rules to avoid a second wave, another lockdown and more deaths. These are probably the people who’ll moan about having to wear face masks to the shops. 

Whilst the staff were trying to provide a safe service for customers and keep an eye on those misbehaving they also caught a fella trying to steal some beer, from a place who’ve been closed for months… Madness. 

And, they had ‘Fuck Pina’ graffiti’d (pretty badly) on the door. It’s all on CCTV.

If you want to go out, go out, otherwise you’ll have no where to go at this rate.

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