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What makes Sheffielder's proud to be from the Steel City?

The COVID-19 pandemic has been hard on all of us, for so many reasons but we are getting through it. The past few weeks have been crazy, the city has had its buzz back, now the second set of restrictions have been lifted, we can’t wait to see the resilience of the city and its people. 

We’re proud to be from a city where the people truly support their independents, whether it’s in hospitality, arts or the Steel City heritage. We’re proud of the products, experiences and the services that our independents give us so we asked them what makes them proud to say they are from Sheffield.

Twisted Burger Co

“We are proud to be from Sheffield because it’s a birthplace for great food, great people, great music and great ideas” – Twisted Burger Co.

“I could walk into town and back and probably see at least 5 people I know, to hang around and have a chat with. I love that. We’re generally pretty good people here, aren’t we!? 

I’m also really proud that the origins of football come back to us. Not many people outside Sheffield really acknowledge it or even know; we should shout about it much more!  Oh yeah, we’re alright at making beer too. I think it’s the water.”Crosspool Ale Makers Society 

“I’m actually Italian, but I’m proud to be a Sheffield business as I’m grateful that people support local businesses. The strong ethos amongst Sheffield folk to buy local is incredible!!

Whether it’s coffee shops, restaurants or retailer, everyone seems to appreciate the power of buying local and supporting independents.” – The Suited Baker

“I think it’s the friendliness and collaborative nature of Sheffieldites or Sheffieldiens!”Pangolin Craft Beer


“The sense of independent community. People and businesses helping each other out, and promoting and supporting each other. That’s my favourite thing.

The talent, passion and hardworking creatives and grafters driving change, doing things differently and putting Sheffield on the map for arts, culture and live entertainment.”Abbeydale Picture House

“It certainly has been (a crazy few weeks) and we can’t wait for a bit more normalcy. What makes me proud to be a Sheffielder is the close knit community of Sheffield independents that help and support each other in this big village.

Proud of the amazing local produce and businesses that work hard to highlight the beauty of Sheffield” – South Street Kitchen

South Street Kitchen

“The quiet determination that Sheffield has, we don’t shout about what we do but the city is filled with amazing indie traders doing fantastic things that are supported and celebrated by the community.

It’s an excellent thing to be a part of and makes you Proud to be part of that.”Turner’s Craft Beer Bottle Shop

Wow there’s so many things, there’s the amazing music scene, the food, and the wonderful range of creative things constantly happening here. But most of all it’s got to be the lovely people and the strong sense of community!

To see the way that those in Sheffield have supported each other in the last 14 months in particular fills us with a huge sense of pride.” – The Leadmill

The Leadmill

Seems like it’s not just us who love the great people of Sheffield and our independent makers, creatives and communities.

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